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girl with the broken smile

nothing can fly with broken this wing

21 July

Im Jenna also known as Yates, Yaterade, yatsey, yater bomb If you know me, you know my obbsession with Penguins jr. at vcu I love ice hockey. (Pittsburgh Penguins) i was raised in the south so i have that whole southern hospitaility. love love love the country and when ever o go somewhere like ashland or the more rural areas around richmond i get homesick :( wanna go back some day.. Im the type of girl who works hard for what she wants. And i have my Priorties... and you need to respect that. I love playing my guitar and writting and listening to dave run around the house singing and dancing when im playing i love sunrises more than sunsets i love being woken up with a cup of coffee I ramble about nothing, or sometimes about everything I climb trees, and hide where no one can see me Im pretty crazy and also kinda lazy. love is too big of a word to be thrown around. im the type of person that puts her whole heart into something, i dont want to hold anything back...but sometimes its the safer bet to do so...